Allworx Connect 324

Allworx Connect 324


Connect 324 – Up to 20 users per site. Includes 12 base users, 4 FXO ports, 2 FXS ports and 8-port voicemail with unified messaging. Supports up to 12 concurrent external calls.

Allworx Connect is the VoIP Communication platform for the future. It’s more powerful, more advanced and has good looks and serious specs in one compact package. This third generation family of VoIP communication systems is used at more than 52,000 business locations.

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Product Features

Allworx Connect 324 Business Phone System Features

  • VoIP communication platform
  • Faster processing power with a high-speed storage subsystem
  • Wall- and rack-mountable
  • Enhanced mobile experience
  • Support for G.711u, G.711a, and G.729 codecs
  • Native Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
  • Up to 20 users per site
  • Ability to scale from 12 concurrent external calls
  • 4 FXO ports, 2 FXS ports
  • 4 voicemail ports
  • 4 Auto Attendant ports
  • Customized call routing
  • Remote IP phones
  • Hot desking
  • VoIP with SIP support


Allworx Connect Series Business Phone System Features

  • Economical and scalable models.
  • Wall and rack mountable.
  • G. 711u, G. 711a, and G729A codecs.
  • Solid state storage subsystem.
  • SIP video support.
  • Faster processing power.
  • Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with VLANs.
  • Bank-grade HTTPS encryption for access.


Allworx SKU : 8200101


Built-In VoicemailYes
Max Concurrent Calls12
FXO Ports4
FXS Ports2
PRI Ports1
Analog LinesYes
t1/E1 LinesYes
Remote PhonesYes
Wall MountableYes
Rack MountableYes


Allworx Connect Series Manual
Allworx Connect Series Manual


Allworx Connect Specifications
Allworx Connect Specifications


Allworx System Admin Guide 8.4
Allworx System Admin Guide 8.4


Allworx Manager Users Guide
Allworx Manager Users Guide

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